Ted’s 3 Rivers Ride

Hey Guys. This might be getting close to the end of our good riding weather so we might want to take advantage of it while it lasts.

Ted want’s to do another 3 Rivers Ride and if you have not joined him in the past your missing out.

Date: Saturday 9/25

Meet: Church Parking log

Time: 8am

Chance of rain: Always!


Golden Valley Bike Ride

The Overby Challenge.

September 11th, Saturday
(4 different lengths 25, 50, 75 & 100).  This year’s route explores the
beautiful hills and canyons of Klickitat County between Goldendale and
Glenwood.  Choose from the moderate rolling hills of the shorter ride, or
the more challenging canyons of the Century and metric Century.  Your ride
is fully supported with free sag wagons, food and water (including some
gluten-free snacks!) and rest stop volunteers.  Rest stops are frequent —
about every 10 to 15 miles — for all rides.  For more information and the
route map, click here
<> ** or go
to for more information.

Let me know if you’re thinking of riding….registration is $50.  The Vine
Ride sure was fun (great workout by Tom Bauer and Ron Gulberg)!

You Decide Ride (Road Bike)

When: Saturday Aug 28th

Where: Meet at church parking lot.

Time: 8am

Route: You decide. I am all out of routes as I do not know the happy valley area that well.

I will not be attending. August has been Super busy for us all.

The 10th Annual Vine Ride.

Hey this Saturday (Aug 21st) is the Vine Ride. We have at least 3 New Hope riders attending this and they asked for more riders if your interested. The Rides are 35, 65, and 100 miles and said to have the best rest stops along the way. “Best” meaning the most food and shortest distances between rest stops. Here is the link to sign up.:

If you have signed up put your name in the comments bar so that you can plan on meeting each other before the ride at 8am at Newberg High School (see map on website) or just to say you will be there. My attendance is questionable as I am in the process of paying for school.

Here is a snippet of what it’s for:

This worthwhile event benefits the Children’s Cancer Association (CCA), and the thousands of seriously ill children, teens and families they serve each year.  Here is your chance to make a difference and become a fund raiser for the Vine Ride! As a fund raiser, you will receive special recognition and chances to win fantastic prizes including a European road bike.

To Ride or Not to Ride.

I know there are a lot of us guys out training or have special rides this weekend so know that the participation might be low. With that said you can still have a ride.

Sat July 31st


Meet at Church parking lot.

You decide where to go.

Have fun and be safe.

Your Ride

Well last weekend on the Banks to Vernonia ride we experienced some great weather, fast paces and some cyclocross action as the pavement ended and the rocks begun. fortunately our skinny tires held up and we had a lot of fun. Great ride if you’re not aposed to beating up your bike a little. I did end up scratching my frame in a few places from kicked up rocks. Oh well, it’s just a bike.

New Ride this week, but will see a few things differently in the following weeks. One is that I was checking my ride calendar and I am booked up for at least 3 weeks and will not be participating. I have the Tour de Cure at the end of this month and I know a few others who are doing the MS ride on the last weekend of the month thus a lot of us are out on our training rides with our teams.

With that said I will still be posting rides,but with no destinations. So those that do show up can plan the route and distance. These have been great in the past as a lot of you have done some amazing rides and it’s great you sharing them with us. So here it goes:

Date: 7/17/10

Time: 8am

Location: New Hope Church Parking Lot.

Destination: ?


Banks to Vernonia II

Date: Saturday July 10th.

Meeting location: Church Parking Lot.

Time: 8am

We will meet at the church and Drive out to Banks  together. If you have open seats and places to put bikes let us know so we figure out how many cars we need. Also give a headcount in the comments section if you will be there so we know how many are going. If you are not driving please bring cash for the drivers as we do not want them to be stuck with a gas bill.

This is a great ride Tom and I did a few months back in the snow. This time there should be no snow. Route is from Banks all the way up to Vernonia. The paved trail is a smooth one with a gradual climb on an old abandoned train track (without the tracks) that is really beautiful and fun. Will eat lunch in Vernonia and ride back. Let’s get a big group to go as all kinds of riders can participate.